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Upgrade Your Audio System with In-Stock L-Acoustics Gear
Jay BaumgardnerJuly 17, 2023 at 1:03 PM1 min read

Upgrade Your Audio System with In-Stock L-Acoustics Gear


Want an upgraded audio system, but don't want to wait on backordered gear? Clearwing has a range of L-Acoustics speakers, subs, amplifiers, processors, and supporting items, all readily available for immediate purchase.

Our in-stock inventory currently consists of the following L-Acoustics products:

  • A15i Focus: This versatile speaker offers exceptional performance, whether it's for front-fill, distributed applications, or even as a main system. With its precise directivity, the A15i Focus delivers outstanding sound quality and coverage.

  • A15i Wide: Delivering the same superb sound quality as the A15i Focus, the A15i Wide offers a wider coverage pattern, making it ideal for applications where broader dispersion is required.

  • KS21i: If you're looking to add some serious low-end power to your audio system, the KS21i subwoofer is the perfect choice. With its extended low-frequency response and impressive SPL capabilities, the KS21i delivers deep, impactful bass that will leave a lasting impression.

  • P1: The P1 is a AVB processor and measurement platform, featuring eq, delay, and dynamics processing.

  • LA4X: The LA4X is a powerful and versatile amplified controller that offers advanced signal processing and system management capabilities. It provides precise control and optimization of your L-Acoustics loudspeaker system, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

  • LA7.16i: The LA7.16i is a 7-channel power amplifier that delivers exceptional power and performance for medium to large-scale sound reinforcement applications. With its advanced DSP, flexible routing options, and integrated network capabilities, the LA7.16i is a reliable workhorse for demanding audio installations.

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