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Clearwing facilitates design, sale, and installation of large-scale L-Acoustics audio system at BYU-Idaho Center
Jay BaumgardnerJuly 12, 2023 at 10:34 AM1 min read

Clearwing facilitates design, sale, and installation of large-scale L-Acoustics audio system at BYU-Idaho Center

BYU-Idaho Center is a 435,000-square-foot multi-use facility within Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. The 15,000-seat auditorium provides a gathering space for all students and faculty for weekly devotional services. Clearwing Systems Integration facilitated the design, sale, and installation of a large-scale L-Acoustics audio system.

The audio system features 236 L-Acoustics Speakers and 40 L-Acoustics Amplifiers. The main line arrays consist of L-Acoustics K2 loudspeakers with KARA II down fills. One A15 array was flown just in front of the proscenium as center fill. Two K1-SB subwoofer arrays add low frequency extension while minimizing LF buildup at the pulpit position.

To add further sound reinforcement, four KIVA II arrays and two A10 arrays were hung near mid-house to provide coverage of the calipers and mezzanine. Eleven additional arrays of A10i provide coverage of the upper balcony. A10i and X8 speakers were installed in recessed cavities under the balcony and mezzanine to provide coverage for seats outside the pattern of the main and delay arrays. Finally, 5XT speakers were installed on the front edge of the stage for front fill, and KS-21 subwoofers installed on custom platforms under the stage for additional low-frequency extension.

Due to the various acoustic challenges inherent to the room, the new arrays could not be mounted at the previous locations. The installers used a combination of Mod-Truss extrusion and Polar Focus brackets to create new mounting positions capable of supporting the new arrays.


  • 20 L-Acoustics K2 Loudspeakers (L/R Array)

  • 4 L-Acoustics Kara Loudspeakers (Down Fill)

  • 8 L-Acoustics K1-SB Subwoofers (Flown Subwoofers)

  • 8 L-Acoustics KS-21 (Under Stage Subwoofers)

  • 3 L-Acoustics A15i Loudspeakers (Center Fill) 

  • 14 L-Acoustics A10 (Fills)

  • 91 L-Acoustics A10i (Fills)

  • 16 L-Acoustics KIVA II Loudspeakers (Delay)

  • 12 L-Acoustics 5XT (Front Fill)

  • 66 L-Acoustics X4i (Delay)

  • 2 L-Acoustics X8 (Delay)

  • 10 L-Acoustics LA12X Amplifiers

  • 24 L-Acoustics LA4X Amplifiers

  • 6 L-Acoustics LA2Xi Amplifiers

  • 2 L-Acoustics P1 Processors

  • 7 L-Acoustics LS10 AVB Switch

  • 1 Luminex 24 Port Fiber Network Switch